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"Making sure we meet the needs of the citizens of ND while making more efficient budgets will be our big challenge in 2017.
And, we’ll do it without a tax increase if I have my way."



Education is and always will be a responsibility of the state - not the Federal Government. We are faced with a tight budget situation in 2017; however due to my foresight and that of my colleagues in the legislature, funding for K-12 education will remain safe from any reductions. I am confident that the legislature can maintain our current level of state issued funding for public education without increasing property taxes. North Dakota has always placed the education of our children and grandchilden at the top of our priorities, and I will work to ensure that it remains there.

As a lifelong educator and former school board member, I have time and again witnessed the benefits of a strong public education system. This is why I beleive that we must maintain local control of our schools and provide them with adequate funding, so that we can continue to provide our children with an education that will prepare them for a continually growing job market.


Small business is without a doubt the backbone of our North Dakota communities. In addition to small business, our state's economy rests largely on the industries of Agriculture and Energy. Republicans are often criticized for cutting the level of corporate income tax here in North Dakota. Despite this critisicm, I believe that our economy, and our tax revenues, benefit when we lower taxes, and get rid of unneccessary and complicated regulations.

As a farmer myself, I feel the hits of a flucuating grain market, and I will work to ensure that we keep our taxes low, and your money where it belongs - in your pockets. 


North Dakota has been a leader in the energy industry for decades. Leading the way in new technologies, and innovative methods of harnessing the earths natural resources is the North Dakota way. It is my belief that we should tap into every resource available to us on our great plains. We can and should simultaneously support the harvesting of both renewable and non-renewable resources. Doing so, however, requires that we do not stand in the way of any energy company's ability to offer abundant, accessible, and affordable electricity. When government places unnecessary regulations on the energy industry, it creates added expense which translates directly into higher energy prices for the consumer. This is why we need experienced leaders in Bismarck who will continue to create a friendly business climate which is conducive of a healthy energy industry. 


I believe that the citizens of District 10 and the state of North Dakota as a whole deserve the opportunity to earn safe and adequate housing. I do not beleive in government handouts, but rather "handups" -- meaning that the government should provide assistance to those who are in need, but in such a way that incentivizes hard working North Dakotans who want to get back on their feet and continue to provide for themselves and their families. 

Long term care is a high priority for not only myself, but all of my Republican colleagues. I will work to restore funding to our longterm care facilites to ensure that they can maintain operations, and care for those we love.


I beleive that every citizen in the state of North Dakota deserves to be treated equally, with both dignity and respect. This means that while we need to be mindful of the differing views that make North Dakota's culture so vibrant, we also must ensure that no one is granted special rights or privelages as a result. I hope to continue my work to ensure that truly everyone is afforded equal rights and protection under North Dakota state law. 

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